10 things you should know about the new web shop from Textile Center
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Textile Center proudly Presents...

We are so excited to share our new web shop with you! There are a lot of new features that make your shopping experience tremendously better. With better performance, finding what you are looking for and new options for discount. Let us introduce you to all.

1. Faster than a rocket

You are absolutely right. Everything is faster than that shitty old one. We took our chances to not only make it faster, but built a rocket that is lightning fast and ready for the future. Switch between variants, navigate to other products and search in just a second. Take a look yourself.

2. Purchase Large packages

We introduce a new way of packaging. You can now choose between Regular and Large for all products. Buying more Haberdashery will cost less. If you want to buy Fabrics, you can save extras by buying large rolls. These we didn't double fold or cut and mostly have around 65 meter on it. Buying large rolls is getting even better in combination with our own developed Folding Machine and Folding Cardboard. This way you can save money in a new way!

3. Large SET = Largest Discount

Like the idea of Large Packaging? Great news, we bring our SET discount to these packages too! The first discount is for the large package and the second for the SET. That's the biggest discount you can get!

4. Know when it's the time to party

Events are starting again and we can't wait to see you (with safety measures). Want to know when we drop a party? Check out our new Events page.

5. Yes, this is a blog

You are reading from it, right now. In our new blog we tell you more about things you should know about fashion trends and your favorite fuchsia-wholesaler (us). We try to tell you relevant things, but you don't have to read it. No judge.

6. Check it out in our tcweb.shop

On our socials we will post less https://www.textile.center/products/fabric-products/jersey/jersey-printed/cool-jersey-printed-fabric.html and more tcweb.shop/3eU72suY. Cleaner look and faster navigating.

7. Pardon my French

We now speak 9 different languages! At least... online and we are still improving. Our Customer Happiness is trying its best to understand you more and more.

8. Terms and Conditions were updated

In order to make all of these new features work, we also had to adopt the general terms and conditions to it. We made some adjustments so it's clear how we work. They automatically apply to a new order.

9. We are open for contact

Email us, send a Facebook message, WhatsApp message, letter, call us or stop by in our showroom. We have very good coffee from Kuypers Koffie.

10. It's not finished

And we have some cool things coming up like real time stock insights, personal pricing, DPD Parcel Tracking, Invoicing portal, online payments and much more! We will keep improving the shop forever. To make the way to creativity as easy as possible. 

Enjoy the new shopping experience :)

10 things you should know about the new web shop from Textile Center
Textile Center BV, Sjoerd Smolenaers
31 August, 2020
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