New group numbers, how to use them?
We used to call them page numbers

With our new shop, our new product groups came to life! In a previous post I wrote about 5 benefits from large packages. But what does this mean to our article numbers? In this post I tell you how our new group numbers are built.

Products in Regular and Large packages

We changed our product numbers, specifically our "page" numbers. We split them up in Regular and Large packages. We placed an R (for regular) and L (for large) behind the old numbers so it's easy to adapt.
This is what changed:

  • ###R for Regular packaging (So S123 becomes S123R)

  • ###L for Large packaging (So S123 becomes S123L)

S587 became S587R or S587L

S587R, with the R from Regular

You all buy page S587 (Jersey Viscose Uni) because it feels so damn great! This product always sells in your web shop and is easy to handle because it's double folded. From now on, we call this product group S587R. Just with an R behind it, for "Regular". That is still the great packed ±10 meter roll.

S587L, with the L from Large

There is a high demand for Jersey Viscose Uni and you want to have enough in stock. This is when you buy the S587L. The number you are used to, but with an L behind it, for "Large". You get the large roll with ± 65 meter on it. This way you are sure you have it in stock and it even gives you extra discount!

Want to double fold the large rolls yourself? Get a Fabric Folding Machine with Folding Cardboards.

278 became 278R or 278L

278R, with the R from Regular

Take for example our great basic product, page 278 (Poplin Bias Binding With Lace Uni). Sells great in that one shop in Aachen. From now on, we call this product group 278R. Just with an R behind, for "Regular". Still with that 25 meter on a roll.

278L, with the L from Large

Now, this product sells that good that you also want it for your 9 other shops. So you want to order more of the same product. Normally you'd press 10 times on "add to cart", but now, we have product group 278L. Just with an L behind it, for "Large". The same product, only packed with 250 meters!

Need help?

If this is all too much for you, you can always contact us for help. Team Customer Happiness is there for you :)

New group numbers, how to use them?
Textile Center BV, Sjoerd Smolenaers
21 September, 2020
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