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Also check out our collection of Tulle Fabrics, available in Large and Regular rolls.

Online Tiul Wholesaler from Europe

What is Tulle Fabric?

Tulle is a very light, soft, and stiff type of netting. It is made from fibers such as rayon, polyester, silk, and nylon. Polyester being the most commonly used. Tulle is used to provide body or stiffness, but is not only used for clothing. A wedding without Tulle decorations is almost unimaginable as it gives a delicate dreamy look. Think of decorations such as pom poms, pew bows, chair decoration, balloon decoration, fabric flowers, and the list could go on forever. The more known usages for Tulle are bridal veils, garments, tutus, skirts, dresses and even in swimwear. This distinctive fabric is easily recognised by it's unique hexagonal shaped netting. 

Tulle fabric got it's name from the city "Tulle" in France, as it was the center for the production of silk and lace in the 18th century. It was carefully made by hand, but around a century later it became a mass production with the help of weaving machine. They also started using cheaper materials such as rayon, polyester, nylon, making it a less luxurious product.

Different types of Tulle Fabric at Textile Center.

At Textile Center, as a wholesaler in Fabrics and Haberdashery, we offer a variety of Tulle such as:

Our most popular is the Bridal Tulle, that is made of 100% polyester. It has a slightly softer feel than the regular Tulle, and is available in 36 different colours! The other variations also have their own unique properties. For example, the Rainbow Tulle consisting of multiple colours in one, as the name suggests, giving it a more unique look than our Bridal Tulle. Besides these obvious traits, it is also made from 100% polyamide making it more durable than a polyester Tulle.

Buy your Tiul online at supplier Textile Center from Europe

Are you looking for a wholesaler in Tiul? Textile Center from The Netherlands (Europe) is your wholesaler for all your fabrics and haberdashery. You can buy Tiul online in our web shop. Discover our selection of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified baby, children and woman Fabrics and Haberdashery. In our warehouse in The Netherlands (Europe) we have more than 6 million meters in stock. From there we are a supplier to customers all over the world. Your shipping costs will be calculated in your cart. In case you need more details about our great Tiul, you can contact our Customer Happiness team. Get inspired by our full collection of Fabrics and Haberdashery online, in our showroom in The Netherlands, on a fair or event or with one of our sales agents.