KH Group Holland to be renamed Textile Center

Same company but united

KH Group Holland, better known as KleinvakHandel, KurzwarenHolland and StoffhausHolland, is to rebrand all of its operations under a single name, with effect from 1 September 2018. This change is necessary to enable the company to proceed with further international growth. This wholesaler in fabrics and haberdashery based in Oss will in future therefore present itself on the global market under the brand Textile Center.

When KleinvakHandel and KurzwarenHolland were launched back in 2012, they were involved solely in the wholesale of haberdashery, which is known as ‘kleinvak’ in Dutch. This applies to all the accessories used in the field of home-made fashion. The trade name StoffhausHolland was added in 2016, when the company expanded into textiles. This is a German name, which was aimed at its major target group. Now that growth is continuing further abroad, however, the time has come to adopt a more international name. The promotion of authenticity is another important reason for the company to merge all its brand names. The international nature of its operations and authenticity are both reflected in the new name, Textile Center.

The new name clearly expresses the company’s individuality. Textile Center is, after all, a business which supplies both textiles and related accessories. While fabric and haberdashery wholesalers generally focus solely on their own trade, Textile Center offers a coordinated range of these products. “Logical,” says Dennis van der Lee, the company’s proprietor, “the products are often used together when people make a shirt or dress, so it is important that they are designed with unity in mind. This gives our customers the opportunity to present a complete picture.”

On the road to the future, the showrooms will nevertheless remain recognizable by their distinct bright pink colour. They will continue to receive customers and pick orders for the webshop. The office premises, however, are shortly to be relocated to Galliërsweg. If Mr Van der Lee has his way, then Textile Centre in Oss will eventually become the centre of the global textile trade.

Our offices move to Galliërsweg 35, 5349AT in Oss.
Our webshop moves to
Our e-mail address is [email protected].

KH Group Holland to be renamed Textile Center
Textile Center B.V., Ronan Odinot June 16, 2020
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