5 advantages of our Pattern Paper

and why you should start tracing

You might be wondering what makes our Pattern Paper so special. Or maybe you want to know why tracing your patterns is so important. Allow me to explain to you how to use pattern paper, why it's so important, and why our pattern paper is so special!

1. Preparation is key

Tracing your patterns before you start sewing might seem like an unnecessary additional step to your project, but having a good preparation will lead to a smooth and easy work flow. Cutting into your patterns means you can only use that specific size. The tracings are also very easy to roll up or fold, which gives you a lot more space to work! 

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2. Tracing your patterns

One of the most important reasons why tracing is so useful, is because you keep the original pattern unscathed. This means that you can use the same pattern multiple times, or even use different sizes! This will prove to be very useful, especially for making baby and children clothing. 

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3. Everyone can do it

The fact that pattern paper is transparent makes it easy for everyone. You don't need any extra lighting for your paper to make it more see-through. All you need is a ruler, a pencil, and something to weigh down your pattern paper. 

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4. Save money

Using the same pattern in different sizes means you're gonna have to buy the same pattern multiple times. This is why pattern paper is a must-have when working on a sewing project. Pattern paper is a lot cheaper than
re-buying a certain pattern, and is therefore a cost-efficient investment

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5. Easy and cheap to deliver

Shipping a roll of pattern paper might be an inconvenience. This is what makes our Pattern Paper so unique! We chose to fold our pattern papers before packing them, rather than using the traditional rolls. Not only is it easy to fold and put away, it also makes for an easy transport process as it could fit through anyone's post box!

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5 advantages of our Pattern Paper
Textile Center B.V., Ronan Odinot November 18, 2022
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